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A Look at the White House Kizomba & Zouk Summit

A Look at the White House Kizomba & Zouk Summit

The White House Kizomba & Zouk Festival 2016: 3 days of workshops, 6 nights of parties,...
Interview avec Anaïs Millon

Interview avec Anaïs Millon

Read the article in English here. Quand as-tu commencé à danser? J’ai un parcours un peu...
Ladies & Leadership Interview: Anaïs Millon

Ladies & Leadership Interview: Anaïs Millon

Introduction Anaïs Millon is one of the top kizomba dancers in the world today. She travels...
Why Taking Private Lessons is the BEST!

Why Taking Private Lessons is the BEST!

This post is for all of you who have never taken a private lesson. You know...
New Year Reflections from Rachel Cassandra

New Year Reflections from Rachel Cassandra

My experiment in August and September of 2014 failed to inspire in me a regular personal...
Liquid Leading, or Switch Dancing

Liquid Leading, or Switch Dancing

“Physics doesn’t give a DAMN about your gender!” “What if we could keep the idea of...
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What is Kizomba Community?

Kizomba Community started as a philosophy for how we approach dance. It is now also a place to come together and share information about kizomba classes and events in the USA.

How do I find this information?

First, check out the menu at the top of the page. You’ll find two main portals for finding kizomba in the USA:
Find US Events” for one-time or annual events, and “Find US Communities” to help you find regularly occurring classes and socials.
“US Events” will take you to a map view, but you can change to a calendar or list view by selecting “View As.”
For communities, look at the tabs on the left to choose a region, then scroll to the city or state that interests you to find links and local Ambassadors who can help you.
You can also use the search bar in the upper right hand corner!

What if I don’t see an event/class I know about?

There is more and more kizomba happening all over the USA. Presenting these classes and events in an organized way makes it easy for more people to get into kizomba.
While KizombaCommunity.com can no longer list all regularly occurring and socials, we are still working to keep an updated calendar of events happening nationwide.
Help support this effort by sending us links to festivals and events that include kizomba and semba. We need to know about anything you don’t see on the site, so get in touch with us!

What is kizomba?

Kizomba is a partner dance originally from Angola characterized by close connection and smoothly grounded movement.

What is semba?

Semba is a rhythmic form of music and dance from Angola, born in the 20th century at the creative intersection of traditional African dance and colonial European influence.

What about tarraxinha?

Tarraxinha is the sexy, percussive cousin of kizomba; the name means “little screw in a bolt”.

What do these have to do with Latin dances?

Kizomba is an African dance, not a Latin dance, although the music has Caribbean influences. Salsa has become such an incredible global phenomenon that European organizers knew the best way to introduce kizomba to the dancing community of the world was through salsa congresses. As kizomba and semba have increased in popularity, new events have formed. Kizomba may now be found at festivals focused on ‘sensual’ dances and both kizomba and semba are featured at others that bring together numerous West African dances.

Who is Rachel Cassandra?

Rachel Cassandra is the founder of Kizomba Community. Based in New York, her true loves are dancing, teaching, and travel.

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