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Kizomba Technique Junkies Syllabus
Video Lesson Title Length Topics
Module 1: Technique Foundations
Lesson 1. Body Movement 17:49 Standing, posture, weight changes, stepping, momentum, aesthetic
Lesson 2. Connection: Leading and Following 30:05 Role responsibilities, arm and hand hold, leading and following technique for weight changes, steps, marqua, shuffle, and turns
Lesson 3. Intro to Musicality 10:06 Understanding song structure, varyingyour dance according to the music
Lesson 4. Floorcraft 6:00 Varying your lines and shapes, managing your space and
Module 2: Technique Essentials
Lesson 5. Saida Technique 12:58 Men’s saida and ladies’ saida, leading and following from contrabody or arms, ideas for comfort and style
Lesson 6. Pivot Technique 25:56 Solo and partnered exercises for pivots,ideas for placement to vary moves, different shapes from pivots, one-footed (tango-style) pivots
Lesson 7. Tempo Changes 18:31 Slow motion exercises and ideas for varying moves, syncopation & acceleration exercises and the key to leading/following them effortlessly, several examples of syncopated moves
Lesson 8. Dips & Balance Positions 18:47 Strength, balance, and safety exercises; solid leading and following; examples of lunges, leans, and dips
Module 3: Dissociation
Lesson 9. Stopping 18:44 Stopping together and individually, stopmotion, variations with leaders stopping, variations with followers stopping
Lesson 10. Leg/Foot Slides 12:32 Leading and following technique with specific examples of how to place them
Lesson 11. Footwork Variations 21:18 Footwork possibilities for leaders alone in a variety of positions, footwork and styling for followers alone, and examples of joint footwork
Bonus Video: Musicality & Creativity 9:14 Ten ideas for exploring creative and musical possibilities using the moves you already know!

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