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Get connected to kizomba all around the world!

It isn’t always easy to find kizomba when you come to a new town or go on holiday. Facebook groups may have strange names, websites may not be updated, and it often comes down to asking friends of friends of friends.

The “Ambassadors” feature here on Kizomba Community aims to make it easier for you to find kizomba all over the world. Basically it’s a set of contact information for teachers, organizers, or enthusiasts in various cities that people can use if they want to find out about kizomba there. We also list all relevant Facebook groups, Meetup groups, websites, and so on.

Originally this feature just provided information about groups and people in the USA, but we are continuing to expand the Ambassador feature internationally. Eventually we hope to have as comprehensive a listing as possible. For now you can get connected in:


Australia & New Zealand


United States

The listings are organized by geographic region. That way you can see what scenes may be reasonably close to where you are interested in finding kizomba. If you are particularly looking for one country, province, state, or city, try using your browser’s search function to jump there (Windows shortcut: Control + F, Apple shortcut: Command + F).