Kizomba and Blues Crossover

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Interest in kizomba from people in the blues dancing community has led to the creation of crossover events in a few American cities. Some kinds of blues dancing have a partnered connection that is very similar to kizomba, and of course blues owes much to African roots. So, recognizing that both Kizomba and Blues scenes remain relatively small in the US, organizers realized pooling their resources could have great success.

At a crossover event, kizomba dancers are invited to take an introductory blues lesson while blues dancers have one in kizomba. The lessons are tailored to dancers’ previous experience, rather than treating everyone as complete beginners – but new dancers are also welcome to join.

The lesson is followed by social dancing, with DJs playing both blues and kizomba songs. Dancers are encouraged to mingle and learn from each other. Information is also provided about how to continue classes in blues and kizomba in the local scene.

Occasionally the crossover is only one-way, with 1 or 2 hours of kizomba offered at a blues event, or an introductory blues lesson offered for kizomba dancers. The dancers are then encouraged to go try the new style at a local venue.

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What does blues look like?

Improvised blues

Partially choreographed blues

What does kizomba look like?

Improvised kizomba

Choreographed kizomba

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I like it! Now what?

If you’re interested in organizing or attending a kizomba and blues crossover event, you can contact us to find out what’s happening in your area, or to get something started.