Labor Completed: Announcing the Kizomba Technique Junkie series!

Last week I released my first full instructional video series for kizomba. It’s called “Kizomba Technique Junkies.” And I have to say, it’s pretty awesome!

I feel a bit like a parent, bringing this into the world. I started planning it 8 months ago. I spent weeks considering what I could best share with kizomba learners, especially those without regular access to quality instruction. Last month I spent days with my amazing partner Rachel Meth of Embodied Dance, after work and on weekends, trying to get all the concepts into our bodies and onto film (OK, SD card). I could not possibly estimate the number of hours I have put into viewing and editing the raw footage, creating something like virtual private lessons. (Boy, am I tired of hearing myself talk!)

Making it available to the public now is both terrifying and thrilling.

I made this for:
– beginners that need lots of practice
– kizomba-lovers who want to spend time working on getting things RIGHT
– dancers who can’t get to classes or festivals as much as they’d like
– those who are ready for the next level, even though their scene isn’t
– newbie teachers that are having trouble breaking down concepts
– and all the people that wanted me to come back to teach SOON (but I just can’t go everywhere!!)

Full description of the series in chart form or in video form.

Check out the free bonus video:

In addition to Rachel, I have to thank Mister Nino in London for allowing me the use of his track “Terra Longe,” and my amazing graphic designer Cassiope Sydoriak.