Ode to Collaboration

Kiz Talks, Aug. 16, 2014

I’ll be honest with you. I’m exhausted. My eyes are burning and feet are sore.

Yet I’m full of warm fuzzies. There are so many wonderful people at this festival (DC Bachata Congress). It does me good to chat with people from cities I visited over the last few months and see their progress in kizomba. I love getting to catch up with fellow teachers I rarely see in one place. I feel a glow every time I see someone who’s had conversations with me about their passion for kizomba and their desire to contribute to their scenes. On top of that I’ve made new connections. I never tire of seeing those “light bulb moments” among my students, or hearing that something clicked in a new way for them. I love talking with people who are excited about working together in the future and collaborating to grow the kizomba commuity. And of course working with my friend and partner Florian again has been such a pleasure. Enthusiastic hugs, cozy dances, mutual encouragement, eager planning..this is a poor word picture, but you get the idea. Now if I can just get a nap in before the social tonight, I’ll really be living the dream.

Florian and I got to do a nice demo this afternoon – check it out!