Introduction (TW)

Many people are unaware of how frequent such things as sexual harassment, coercion, assault, and rape are in our social dancing scenes. Because they are fortunate enough to have never experienced situations that made them feel uncomfortable, endangered, or even violated, they doubt that it ever occurs. There is frequently a tendency to downplay people’s experiences or reframe them as misunderstandings or deliberate falsehoods. In order to combat the passivity that is the current norm, Kizomba Community is hosting this page of anonymous first-person accounts of such stories. We believe more people will be willing to make our social dance scenes safer if they are confronted with the reality of what some are suffering.

The stories below are true as remembered by the survivors. No stories have been included that were not shared by a person who experienced it firsthand. Stories will continue to be added as we receive them.

If these stories strike a chord, we invite you to share this page on your social media. If you would like to contribute, please share any story you’d be willing to, leaving out any details that you feel would identify you – you can choose whether to tell specific locations or cities or even what kind of dance you do. Send your stories to Rachel at

We have also created a resource page with information about creating a more respectful dance culture as well as protecting survivors.