Philosophy & Mission

Lindy Focus Rachel 046
Kizomba Community is meant to promote the spread of this wonderful dance as well as a positive environment to support it. Many people begin dancing as a social activity, but as they get caught up in learning steps they lose their feeling of connection with other people. Others are concerned with impressing people and forget about the rich culture, history, and music of kizomba. Kizomba Community is a movement encouraging kizomba-lovers to connect with each other and to treasure the amazing interpersonal connection found in our dance. While we want to offer useful resources for learning about kizomba music, culture, technique, and so on, above all we want to foster communities of people who enjoy dancing together and care about each other.

Kizomba Community has gone through several phases over the years.

We began by trying to create an exhaustive posting of where and when kizomba classes and socials were occurring in the United States, so people could get connected at home and when they’re traveling. Eventually kizomba became widespread enough that this was no longer feasible, or even necessary, as the communities became less and less isolated.

We spent a long period as the hub for kizomba in the USA. We published video interviews to help people get to know US instructors in various parts of the country. We collected information about parties and festivals featuring kizomba and presented them in map, calendar, and list formats. We provided links to other sites and blogs about kizomba. We offered an Ambassador listing to help people get connected to US scenes.

1) Provides informational resources about kizomba
2) Lists resources for becoming excellent community members and for building better dance communities
3) Publishes blogs on topics we hope you’ll find helpful
4) Connects you to other blogs about kizomba
5) Offers contact information for kizomba groups and local Ambassadors in an ever-increasing number of cities and countries.