Stories from Men

Personal space and hygiene

Several times I have had girls that were all sweaty and gross and whom I was unattracted to do the following. They would rub their sweaty hands up and down my arms and if I would try to dance in open position, they would pull themselves in closer and I ended up with armpit sweat on my arm.

…But I just want to dance

One time I asked a girl to practice dancing at my house. I think she must have thought I wanted to do more than dance salsa, but I was never really attracted to her.
I was trying to be serious, but she kept leaning her face in and giggling like she was trying to get me to kiss her. It was really annoying because I wasn’t attracted to her and I was serious about practicing.

Dry Humping

Sometimes when certain women dance with me they hold me very close and move against my leg in a very sexual way. They really rub themselves on me. I know I should change the step to move them away but I feel like I can’t move. It’s too embarrassing. I don’t go to some socials when I think there will be too many women like that there. Sometimes I send my friend in to check so I won’t go in and they ask me to dance. I think they like me too much.

Slap that?

I have had a few girls slap me on the ass before and pretend it was another guy that did it while at a dance social. Two occasions, I had never met the girl. Several times just by friends.
Only on one occasion was it upsetting, because the context was that she was a friend of my main dance rival instructor and I didn’t know her. I had bent down to pick up my shoes which were next to where he was standing. She slapped my ass while I was picking them up and then they both giggled.

Just letting it go

A couple of times I had a gay dude come onto me at a dance event. It was unwanted, because I am not gay. But it wasn’t a big deal. All he did was rub my arm and the other dude my chest. It was only once though. If it had been repeated I may have put the smack down.