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5 Viewpoints of Sexism in the Kizomba World

5 Viewpoints of Sexism in the Kizomba World

By Tanya Dimitrova Have you read any of the Discworld novels? Terry Pratchet is brilliant! One of the most hilarious recurring characters is a suitcase with 100 legs, called the Luggage. It technically is a living creature but it has no face and nor does it talk. All it does is it faithfully follows its master as he gets into…read more →

Troubleshooting for Kizombeiras

By Tanya Dimitrova As magical as kizomba can be, lots of things can and sometimes do go wrong on the dance floor. Based on my own and other dancers’ experience, I put together a list of undesirable situations and how I recommend troubleshooting each. 1) Lack Of Rhythm For some reasons, ladies are almost always better than guys in following…read more →

How to Be an Awesome Kizomba Follower (part 2)

Part 2: Weight Shifting By Tanya Dimitrova After having a good connection with your partner, shifting your weight correctly is the most important technique for kizomba followers. Although showing how to do that well is a lot easier than telling, there are a few points I can write about here. Body position Overall, the leaders are supposed to stand straight…read more →

How to Be an Awesome Kizomba Follower (part 1)

Part I: Connection Points By Tanya Dimitrova Ladies ask me all the time: ‘How do you move your hips like that? Can I come to your ladies styling workshop?’. I always answer that my hips’ movement is not the reason why guys enjoy dancing with me. There is so much more to being a good follower than the ‘ginga’ (the…read more →