Finding My Authentic Self Through Kizomba

By Keya Bhagirath

Personal development is often synonymous with improvement: becoming a better version of who you are. My perspective is a bit different. To me, personal development is not about becoming better; rather, it is about becoming who you really are.

I would describe personal development as the process for finding your joy. In finding your joy you become your most authentic self – the highest expression of your being. Experiencing joy connects you to the life force that creates all things. Therefore personal development is understanding that we are beings with creative life energy flowing through us and each day our highest purpose is to connect with joy.

Dancing Kizomba has affirmed in me that my life must be filled with joy and happiness. The amount of joy I feel when dancing has made my happiness non-negotiable. When I dance, my mind is calmed and my heart can speak. I can hear the still quiet voice inside that makes me sensitive to what makes me feel fulfilled in life. Because I am following joy and steadfastly staying focused on it, I am discovering parts of myself that I had never known. Parts that I have been afraid to express. Parts of me that have been silenced.

Dance has the power to develop us into the truest expression of ourselves; our authentic selves. Often our interactions with others bring out our innate ability to show unconditional love. Dancing Kizomba requires the ability to connect with another person and it is through this connection that we can develop personally. In my next article, I will highlight two essential qualities that dance can help us develop in order to enhance our authentic expression.

More about the author:

Keya Bhagirath is a graduate student living in Southern California. Originally from Baltimore, MD, she spent about ten years living in Central Virginia where she developed her career in higher education and healthcare. She holds a Masters in Counseling and is working on a Masters in Theology. Her passion is the intersectionality of arts and humanities with spirituality. Along with dancing, she loves to watercolor and enjoys spending lots of time with her French Bulldog. You can connect with Keya via email at