Antarctic Kizomba

This January I embarked on a trip I’d been planning for years: a cruise from Chile to various places in Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. Although I managed to get sick, and then seasick on top of that, it was still an incredible trip.

Being on the Antarctic continent feels like being on another planet. The landscape is dramatic and surprisingly colorful within a limited palette. The sky seems especially alien – the light filters dreamlike through heavy clouds or reflects dazzlingly off gleaming icebergs.

I always enjoy teaching kizomba, but I have a special place in my heart for beginners. The first day I had recovered enough to stand up straight, I spent just over an hour teaching my cousin the basics. As far as I know, we were the only ones to use the little square of dance floor in the dining room. The kitchen staff kept poking their heads out to catch a glimpse. Of course, this was when many of them were still under the impression that the two of us were a married couple rather than cousins, so I guess it was the dancing itself that attracted attention.

Together we made the first kizomba video on Antarctica. Trust me, there’s nothing like dancing surrounded by the pristine glory of the Antarctic!

I think the penguins and seals enjoyed it – I know our fellow travelers did. Let me know how you feel about this little taste of my Antarctic adventure!