Fresh Switch Dance Collab in Central Park

I was back in NYC for a week and went out to my favorite standby social, Kizomba After Work with David Campos at Kana Tapas Bar. “Have you met Litzi?” David asked me.

Litzi Bejarano is a kizomba teacher from Cancùn who found kizomba through the Latin scene. Like me, she started with limited opportunities for learning, but was seriously hooked from the beginning. Fast forward to November 2016, and she’s wearing red pants and dancing both roles with everybody at the social. Of course I found her easy to connect with!

I asked if she was planning to see some of the city the next day, to see if she’d like to meet up somewhere. She invited me to join her in Central Park.

The next day Litzi sent me a Facebook message: “Hey I want to make a kizomba video here in New York, would you like to do it with me? I mean like, dancing together. Both could lead 🙂 It would be great.”

I suggested we make it a red pants party, and we were off! Here’s our video. Can you spot all the switches?