How to Keep Up Your Learning (podcast)


Back in January I wrote an article for LDC called “How to Master Your Learning.” A few weeks ago, Charles Ogar and I revisited this topic and explored it further, talking about motivation and learning strategies. There are so many ideas here, something for every personality type and background. Enjoy the discussion!

Dance Your Heart on Fire 028: How to Keep Up Your Learning in Dance
For those of you who prefer to have a written outline

-Other motivators besides improving
-Stress relief, meeting people
-Journey of Self-discovery

Gym analogy
-Fitness classes (classes)
-Gym/running buddy (practice partner)
-Personal trainer (private lessons)
-Running, calisthenics (self training)
-Dance journal for accountability
>>Setting goals
>>Taking notes, recording audio, video journal

Avenues of Learning
-Private lessons
-Peer training/ practice partner
-Social dancing
>>Musicality practice
>>Exercises (balance,strength,speed,flexibility)
>>Video learning
-Frustrations, differing learning curves