How to Level Up Your Social Dance Experience (podcast)

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About a month ago I was a guest on Charles Ogar’s Dance Your Heart on Fire podcast. Our topic was about creating better social dance experiences. Have a listen!
Dance Your Heart on Fire 012: How to Level Up Your Social Dance Experience

For those of you who prefer the quick tips version…

Beginner dancers:
– Be clean
– Dress appropriately
– Make sure your partner is comfortable
a. Respect people’s space
b. Pay attention to nonverbal feedback
c. Be willing to ask for what you are comfortable with

Established dancers:
– Welcome new people
a. Introduce yourself
b. Dance with them
c. Introduce them to at least one other person
– Facilitate great experiences
a. Take people off the wall
b. “Have you danced with …?”

– Invitations
a. Ask people
b. Say yes when you can
c. Understand there are reasons people say no, often nothing to do with you
– Feedback
a. Say something positive about people
b. Say something about enjoying the dance
c. Constructive criticism should be solicited
d. Respect teachers as professionals (take a private!)
– Floorcraft
a. Be aware of the space you’re using
b. Apologize when you bump into someone