Mixing It Up

Kiz Talks, Aug. 9, 2014

Hey guys, just a quick post today! I didn’t get into Philly till 1am and I’m off to teach in Media (an hour away) then head up to a party 2 hours north of Philly.

I’m headed out to teach at a tango studio, prior to their Saturday night dance. I’m really pleased to be bringing kizomba to a bit of a different population; I’ve taught at tango studios before and usually people there are very interested in technique. We all know how much I like to geek out over that sort of thing!

This is also a chance for me to say again how great it is to try different dance styles. Learning tango or salsa, blues or belly dancing gives you new body awareness, helps you focus on technique in a new way, and cross trains your fine dancer muscles.

For me, trying folk dancing gave me the endurance for lindy hop. Learning salsa made my turns gorgeous in blues, and gave me sweet posture and style for West Coast swing. Doing some belly dancing gave me isolations to use in solo blues and salsa shines. My feeble attempts at tango have given me better pivot control and attention to my weight changes.

If there’s a dance that appeals to you, or if someone’s been trying to drag you out to something new, go try it! You’ll be sure to benefit.

Plus, hey, it’s fun!