On Juggling

Kiz Talks, Aug. 4, 2014

We’ve been over how much I love analogies!

I may have a ball or two too many in the air at the moment. But tell me, which one could I possibly put down? It’s important to me to:

– keep up the day job so I have regular income
(I teach English as a foreign lanugage to professionals in Paris in Moscow over the Internet, if you didn’t know that yet)
– bring quality kizomba instruction to places that might not be able to afford to fly someone in for a weekend, or very rarely so
– maintain and even improve KizombaCommunity.com as a place where everyone can get connected to kizomba all over the United States
– get the word out on both of those, so more people get the benefit
– travel (to teach, to dance, to see new places!)
– continue to improve my own dancing
– hang out with friends or family wherever I am
– make new friends (especially kizomba-lovers)
– keep in touch with friends in other places
– run or work out semi-regularly
– cook delicious food
– sleep

Yes, sleep comes last. Doesn’t it for nearly everyone?

Here’s the thing. I love what I’m doing. All of it! (OK, not so much the advertising/promoting part, but that’s sort of necessary grunt work.) So even though I constantly feel like I’m not doing enough, I’m glad for what I am doing.

What about you?