On Media and Memories

Kiz Talks, Aug. 8, 2014

Today was my last day at my parents’ house, where I have most of my things in storage. That meant it was my last chance this year for data management – sorting through my backup drives, reorganizing my archives, and planning for how to protect my data as I travel.

Confession: I’m a ridiculously organized person. Sorting things kind of gives me a rush. Even virtual things. Conversely, having things messy or unsecured seriously bothers me. MY things, that is.

Of course, I know not everyone is so organized. That doesn’t bother me; live your life! However, I have a few thoughts for you anyway:

1. Take more photos and videos! Especially of people and places that are meaningful. And of your dancing. (Well, have someone do it!)

2. Keep copies of things on some kind of hard drive. The cloud is awesome, but sometimes you want to look at things when you’re not online. And sometimes you don’t want to share everything.

3. Organize your photos and videos in a way that encourages you to look back on them. That could be as simple as having big folders: “Family” “Cool Places” “Dancing” “Food” “Adventures” whatever. Or maybe you prefer to have things by more specific dated event. I use a combination of dates, topical folders, and sharable albums.

4. Use your media to improve your dancing. I don’t know why it’s so hard to get video of yourself dancing, but even for someone who teaches and performs it takes intentional effort. Especially if you want it to be good! Anyway, once you have some video, watch it! And watch it with some focus on in mind – your weight changes, your foot work, your body movement, your connection to your partner, your musicality…Then act on what you observe.

Eventually your collection will also serve both as a haven for fond memories and proof of how much you’ve grown in your chosen passion!