On Sharing

Kiz Talks, July 29, 2014

Dear Kizomba Community:

It’s my birthday, and the start of a new year of my life seems like a good time to make a resolution. Here it is: SHARE MORE. And I’m going to start with a month-long challenge to BLOG DAILY.

This latest tour, traveling around the US by bus to teach kizomba, has been amazing. I love teaching kizomba, talking about kizomba, and dancing kizomba. This is exactly what I want to do.

Recently I taught a few kizomba classes at the top of a mountain in a remote part of Colorado. I found just as much joy in teaching five or six people next to an irrigation ditch or in the scraggly shade by our campsite as I did in a class of 50+ in a beautiful city in a major city.

Here’s something I finally realized – I don’t have to “build a personal brand” or constantly tell people why they should learn from me. I’m not in this for the fame or the money, so why should I follow the rules of “cyber PR?” I love cooking, and I do it regularly for my friends, my family, and the people that host me all over the world. I don’t advertise that, and yet people are always happy to eat my food and tell their friends to let me cook for them. That’s sharing.

Although everyone knows they like eating, not everyone has yet realized they’ll love dancing kizomba! So, the blog. I’m going to approach it as one more way share my passion for kizomba – what I have learned, what I am discovering, and all kinds of related tangents. I want our community to grow in size and expertise, so I’m going to write it all out. I may not be able to have a face-to-face with each of you, but I can still share with every one of you. Occasionally I’ll throw in a video blog like my first “KizTalk” at the begining of the month.

If you learn from it, or like what I have to say, you’ll probably share it. Maybe it’ll help more people improve their kizomba, or start some interesting discussions. And maybe when I’m coming through your region, you’ll be excited to bring your friends to learn and dance with me.

Disclaimer: I’m still learning too! I reserve the right to revise my ideas, and I encourage you to comment when you have different thoughts on any of the subjects in my blog posts.

P.S. I’m making myself a little easier to find, too.
Facebook page: facebook.com/rachelcassandrakizomba
My blog: kiztalks.com
Alternate links to me: rachelcassandra.com and rachelkizomba.com