The Joys of Partnership: 2 Rachels

Kiz Talks, Feb. 1, 2015

I have to admit, I like to fly solo. I did my degree in teaching, and I have always felt comfortable up in front of a class full of students. I took my first international flight unaccompanied at age 13. I’m an introvert, meaning that while I love sharing with a class and spending a night dancing, I recharge by having time on my own. I’ve been traveling as a solo dance teacher for almost a year now, and I like my life.

That being said, there is a special joy in working with a partner. Someone whose passion is also yours, and who wholeheartedly supports your efforts. I had that privilege last month in North Carolina. After meeting back in June of 2014, and keeping in touch on the phone and Facebook, I was finally in the right physical location (for a couple of weeks, anyway!) to work with Rachel Meth.


Rachel is enthusiastic in her desire to see kizomba grow in the United States. She wants to see people connect and build community through dancing. She also enjoys leading and following kizomba. Sound familiar? Of course, sharing a name is not at all requisite to a good partnership – but it’s a great springboard for humor.

Beyond similarities, partnering with Rachel was amazing because of how she balanced me. She was upbeat when I was discouraged, patient when I was frustrated, always trying to take the blame when in fact my leading was at fault, offering inspiration when I was stuck, and amazingly selfless in her support.

You might have seen a couple of recent videos I’ve put up with her. Our social demo at Baile Carrboro: