They’re Right, Too!

Kiz Talks, Aug. 23, 2014
I took five great classes today at Batuke! I am a bit tired of people coming up to me and saying “Oh! You’re a man?” and responding “No, but I’m leading.” However, the instruction is great. A strong theme in the kizomba classes was syncopation and rotating through steps. I also did some classic semba and had great fun with semba de rota (like salsa’s casino de rueda).
I loved how Bruno of Afro Latin Connection gave a clear, strong disclaimer toward the beginning of class. “We are showing you what we feel is the better way for being comfortable in what we are passing on to you. This is not the only way! You don’t need to go to another class and say ‘But Bruno and Patricia said…’ No! This is one way to do, but it is not the only way.”
In the United States we are perhaps not quite as aware of the style differences, since we don’t have very many French or Angoloan or Portuguese dancers at our socials. Even beyond this, it’s great to acknowledge that each teacher is hoping to give you movement or technique that will help you succeed in your dance. Trying a new way for the space of a class, even if it’s not your current preference, may open up new possibilities for you – or at least be a temporary challenge.
So don’t worry – as long as what your teachers are telling you isn’t causing anyone pain, they’re right too!