Update: Rachel’s Move to Stuttgart

You might have heard by now – I’m moving to Stuttgart next year. Actually, a lot of you apparently read only the title of my last post, because I keep running into people who thought I’d already left!

Well, soon enough. My flight is on January 30 and my going away party will be January 28th. (Message me if you’re within easy reach of DC and want to come!) For now, let me update you on my progress.

Degerloch map1. I found a place to live!

This is a huge relief. I spent three and a half months checking various roommate and apartment rental sites, with countless messages exchanged and more than a few scams encountered. Last week I finally matched up with a wonderful young woman to share a 2-bedroom apartment in Degerloch, just south of central Stuttgart. I have signed the lease and paid my deposit. The room is “cozy” as they say in real estate, but I’ll have access to a full kitchen, plus I will be close to public transportation, useful shops, and parks.

2. I’m getting ready for my visa application.

To work in Germany, first you move there, then you register a residence, then you apply for a visa. Since in theory you are supposed to register your residence within 7 days of arrival, I am very relieved to already have my lease in order. That will leave me with the remainder of my 90-day tourist visa to get approved for a self-employment visa. In the meantime I need to do things like write a business plan…in German.

ikea logo3. I’m shopping online at IKEA.

Want to help me furnish my bedroom? Check out my wishlist.

4. I’m working hard on my blues dancing.

In preparation for teaching with Blues Kitchen Stuttgart, I’ve been putting in time to improve my dancing and ready my curriculum. This past weekend I attended the excellent event Snowbound Blues, taking all classes as a leader. I’ve also taken 4 private lessons in the last week, exploring a range of teaching topics and styles of blues dance.

Close embrace Devon5. I’m ready to start making new kizomba connections in Germany.

You might have noticed that Kizomba Community now lists contacts for kizomba not only in the USA but also in Canada, Australia, and SE Asia. Eventually we’ll have kizomba ambassadors all over the world, but the next place I’m focusing on is Germany. Know someone you’d like to nominate? Let me know!