Which Should I Go To (Pay For)? Comparing Local Weekenders and International Festivals

Kiz Talks, Aug. 15, 2014

Enjoying the DC Bachata Congress, I was thinking about how different an event like this is from the mostly small-scale kizomba events we have (for now) in the USA. I’ve been going to dance workshops, exchanges, festivals, shows, congresses and all manner of events for so long that this comparison seems self-evident to me. I suspect that some of you just getting started may not find things so clear.

In an ideal world you could go to as many dance events as you liked. In the one we live in, particularly for Americans, we have not only limited budgets but also enormous distances to cover and very little vacation time.

That means sooner or later you’re going to find yourself choosing between events you want to attend. So let me give you a few easy points to consider:

Why Local Weekenders?
– You will probably have smaller class sizes
– You will get a better chance to know your teachers
– You will have classes that are really targeted for the level of your scene
– You will make great connections with dancers in your community
– You will spend less money on travel, lodging, and food (especially if we’re talking so local you can stay home!)
– You will find it easy to pace yourself and participate in virtually everything
– You will have plenty of people with whom to practice the new material you’ve learned

Why International Festivals?
– You will get to take classes from some of the top names
– You will have the chance to learn from more teachers
– You will get to try other dances that you may also love
– You will make new friends from all over. based on your shared love of dance
– You will hear music from top DJ’s and artists
– You will taste an array of styles and be inspired by possibilities you hadn’t considered
– You will experience the shenanigans of staying in the same hotel as a bunch of dancers
– You will experience an alternate reality in which dancing and dance-related activities are happening around the clock. Dance eat dance eat dance sleep….Did anything else ever exist?
– You will return home the bearer of precious new knowledge to share with your scene

Obviously both also have their disadvantages, but I’ll let you infer them through comparison. I have in mind to write another blog soon about how to decide whether an event is right for you. For now, I’m headed out to enjoy Mika Mendes in concert!