Why Men Make Better Kizomba Teachers

Kiz Talks, Aug. 14, 2014

Kizomba teachers are valued based on a variety of factors. Probably the main ones are:
– dancing ability
– YouTube power
– approachability
– teaching ability

Sometimes for dance festival organizers, other factors enter the picture:
– a choreographed show for performance
– titles won in competition
– hiring price
– travel expenses

And of course, if you want students to learn anything besides how to move their bundas, you’re going to want a man.

A man is the best person to teach leaders to lead. Plus, followers will easily be able to pick up everything by watching him dance with his partner if she’s available, or else he can just borrow a student to demonstrate. A woman on her own can teach a beginner class, ladies’ styling, or tarraxinha, but everything else really calls for a man.

International experience as a kizomba student and teacher, understanding of technique and aesthetic, ability to break down concepts in a way students understand, or even the rarer qualifications of a degree in teaching or a career in education – these are of minor use unless accompanied by a fine y chromosome.


Edit: Please take note of the irony intended in the above statements.