Communication & Etiquette

Dance Etiquette
The Unspoken Rules of the Salsa Dance Floor
6 Simple Steps to Not Being an Awful Person on the Dance Floor
Dance Etiquette is Life Etiquette
How to Level Up Your Social Dance Experience
Kizomba DON’Ts: 7 Rules for Not Being Terrible (part 1)
Kizomba DON’Ts: 7 Rules for Not Being Terrible (part 2)
The difference between ‘Floor Teaching’, ‘Asks’ and ‘Co-operative Learning’
Hepcat Swing Dance Etiquette

Nonverbal Communication
The (Mostly) Complete Guide to Dance Body Language ‘Hints’

How Not to be Creepy
On Creepiness
Don’t Be a Creeper
The Feminist Guide to Non-Creepy Flighting

Boundary Setting on the Dance Floor
Boundary Setting 101
Being Kind vs Being Assertive
What to Do When You’re Uncomfortable
Defensive Dancing
Defensive Dancing in Salsa
Good Intentions…?
To Leave or Not to Leave: Ending a Dance Before the End of a Song

Handling Invitations and Rejections
What It Means When They Say No
Are You Obligated to Say Yes to Every Dance?
When Someone Says No to a Dance
How Not to Get Turned Down For a Dance
Top 10 Ways to Know They Do Want to Dance
How Many Times Should You Ask for a Dance?
Do I Need to Dance with Everybody?
Dear Beginner, This Is Why They Told You No

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Consent & Safety

What is Consent?
Consent Defined
Consent Culture
Consent Compared to a Cup of Tea
Consent 101
Only With Consent
Yes Means Yes
Learning Good Consent
Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer

Consent in the Social Dance Scene

Consent Compared to Having Your Foot Stepped On
What to Do When You’re Uncomfortable
Defensive Dancing
A Plea for Verbal Commnuication
Why Are We Uncomfortable with Safety?Autonomy and Consent in Blues Dance

Creating Safe(r) Spaces
Safer Dance
How to Teach Consent Starting Now (Lesson 1)
How to Teach Consent (Lesson 2)
Theory of Change
The Dancer’s Bill of Rights and Obligations
Proactive Management of ‘Problem Dancers’- Creating a Safer Dance Environment for All
Downloadable Literature from ACSS
Dealing with an Incident
Safe Spaces Are Deliberately Designed
The Safety Dance Facebook Group
Socially Awkward Isn’t An Excuse
Handling Food Allergies in the Dance Scene
On Safe Spaces
A Conversation on Creating Safer Swing Dance Spaces
More Resources

Creating a Code of Conduct / Safety Policy
Resources from Safety Dance
How to Write a Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct Questionnaire
Implementing Your Code of Conduct
A Few Examples of Codes of Conduct / Safety Policies
Fusion Exchange Code of Conduct
Etiquette for Blues Dance NY
Sydney Blues Code of Conduct
Dance Jam Productions Code of Conduct
Capital Blues Safe Space Policy
It’s Not U It’s Me Safer Spaces Policy

Consent and Photography
Group Recording and Consent
Photography at Dance Events

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Romance or Rape?

Social Dancing and Romance or Sex
Dance Crushes
The Dance Crush
Falling in Love on the Dance Floor
Modeling Consent
10 Signs You Have a Salsa Crush
The Dance Trap: Sensing Feelings that Aren’t There
Do People Social Dance for the Sex?
Love & Swing: To Meet Boys
I Love Watching My Husband Dance with Other Women

Social Dancing and Harassment
When Dancing Becomes Groping: Time to Clean Up the Dance Scene!
Sexualized Harassment
Advice for Student-Teacher Relations
Sexualization of Dance & Dance Communities
Normalizing Male Harassment of Women in Dance
Understanding Sexual Entitlement
Ruth Evelyn’s story

Social Dancing and Rape
Confronting Rape Culture in Social Dance
An Open Letter to the Dance Community
The Monsters Among Us
But She Danced with Me
Rosiee Thor’s Experience – and Advice for Supporting SurvivorsSarah Sullivan’s Experience
Jeff Leyco on Steven Mitchell
A Public Letter from Rachel Stirling
A Difficult Conversation About Sexual Violence in Swing Dance Communities

Preventing Rape
Guide to Rape Culture
Consent Workshop
How to Stop Rape Now
Men Can Stop Rape
Misperception of Rape
Just Say No? The Use of Conversation Analysis in Developing a Feminist Perspective on Sexual Refusal

Holding People Accountable
Community Accountability Resources
Acting Against Rape
Accountability Processes and Pitfalls
Conflict Resolution in Dance Communities
Meeting Facilitation

Sexual Assault Resources
Supporting Survivors
National Sexual Violence Resource Center
Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (US)
The National Domestic Violence Hotline (US)
Safe Horizon (US)
Rape Crisis (UK)
Victim Support (UK)
The Survivors Trust (UK)
Rape Crisis Network Europe (EU)
Reach Out (AU)
More Resources

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Sexism and Gender Dynamics

Sexism in the Dance Scene
Sexism: Is It an Issue in Social Dance?
Subconscious Sexism: 9 Ways Our Dance Scene is Sexist and We Don’t Even Know It
“So You Want to Be a Man?” On Gendered Language in Dance
Why Men Don’t Understand Sexism in Partner Dancing
Losing a Love: Sexism is Pushing Me Away from Dancing
Your Follow Is Not Fragile25 Ways to Be Less Sexist in Your Dancing

Dancing and Gender Identity
Dancing Identity: An ethnographic study of the influence of Afro Latin social dances on the gender and sexual identity of dancers in the Netherlands and Guatemala
Salsa Transcends Traditional Gender Roles
Caribbean Male Dancers: Redefining Masculinity
Dancing with Gender Norms
Ballroom Dancing and Traditional Gender Roles
Alternatives to Traditional Gender Roles in Tango

Tools for Inclusivity
Inclusive Language for Dance Classes
Inclusive Teaching Techniques for Partner Dancing

Role-Switching and Ambi-dancing
6 Reasons to Do a Role Reversal
Should We Let Our Ladies Lead?
Changing Roles: Reflections on Leading and Following
When Women Lead: Changing Gender Roles in New York Salsa
Liquid Leading Dancing: A Conversation on Fluid Lead/Follow Gender Roles
Liquid Leading, or Switch Dancing
The Ambidancetrous Scene in Yale
The Ambidancetrous Tumblr
The Ambidancers Facebook Group
20 Things I Learned from Role Reversal

Same-Sex Dancing
Can Two Women (Or Men) ‘Dance’ Together?
Same Sex Social Dancing in the Jazz Age
North American Same Sex Partner Dancing Association
European Same Sex Dancing Association

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