Get Connected to Kizomba in the USA!

Interested in dancing kizomba in the USA?

We have tried to list every kizomba-related Facebook group and as many websites and Meetup groups as possible. In addition, there is contact information about local Kizomba Ambassadors – someone you can message on FB, e-mail, text, or call to get your questions answered.

Listings are divided by region*, then by state and city. Ambassadors associated with a particular group or studio are grouped accordingly. The order of listings within a city is meant to facilitate this. Orange text indicates a hyperlink. The country code for the USA is +1.

Please use this contact information ONLY for inquiries about kizomba.

As new scenes pop up and more people get involved, there will be more to add to our listing. Please let us know if there’s something we should add!

*United States regions are not consistently defined. We have used the map below.