Rachel’s Dance History

Rachel focused primarily on American vernacular jazz dances in her first years of dancing. She got her first taste of blues dancing as it started to infiltrate lindy hop events in 2007 and 2008. Early classes with Mike Leggett, Dave Madison, and Tina Davis whetted her appetite, but it wasn’t till 2011 that she dived in and started traveling all over the USA. Pretty soon she was going to multiple blues-exclusive events a year, taking classes from the best in the country.

A job-related move to Morocco in 2010 brought Rachel to salsa dancing. After intensive training, she and her partner won the national championship at the Morocco Salsa Contest of 2011.

Rachel took an introductory workshop for kizomba while in Casablanca. She was very taken with kizomba, but was limited by geography in her pursuit of this new dance. Later that year at the Carthago Festival in Tunisia, she further kindled her enthusiasm for kizomba in classes with Nelson Campos. She moved to the UK in 2012 to continue her training and to teach kizomba and semba with him. Rachel worked with Nelson to create an organized and adaptive curriculum for multiple levels for use at weekly venues in the UK. In addition, she taught and performed at numerous European festivals. She has worked continuously with a variety of teachers to expand her style.

Rachel returned to the US in September of 2013 and began teaching kizomba on her own. From April 2014 to December 2017 she traveled from event to event with no fixed residence, teaching in 40 US cities as well as in Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Along the way she also began teaching blues dance. In February 2017 she retired from her nomadic lifestyle and settled in Stuttgart, Germany.

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