Training and Influences

Rachel’s primary mentor in kizomba was Nelson Campos, a UKA-certified international kizomba guru. Nelson produced the first ever English professional instructional Kizomba DVD with his former partner Sophia Meyer. He is also the founder of Kent Salsa and Kizomba and a regular judge for the British edition of the AfricaDancar Competiton.

Rachel first studied ladies’ movement for kizomba with Marlene Almeida of Porto.

Rachel spent the first half of 2014 working primarily with Parisian dancer Florian Tep, exploring the ever-evolving French style of kizomba as well as role-swapping.

In addition, she has enjoyed classes with:

AfroLatin Connection
Albir Rojas
Curtis & Monica
Cymeone Mopao
Doumb & Ingrid
Enah LeBon
Felicien & Isabelle
Helios Santos
Kwenda Lima
Miguel & Susana
Morenasso & Anais
Paulo & Lana
Petchu & Vanessa
Riquita Alta
Sara Lopez
Tania Mendonca

felicien isabelle me

morenasso anais

01a studio shot

01f Nelson and me pose